The Role of Luck (dumb or otherwise)

This post is inspired by an author’s post in one of the many Kindle Vella groups I frequent on Facebook. This author was lamenting the fact she had few reads of her newly posted serial on Amazon’s Kindle Vella platform. She said she had been told by family and friends she is a “good writer,” and was disappointed that readers had not found her serial.

“Good” is relative. As both an avid reader and writer publishing my serial fiction series on Kindle Vella, I am always amazed at what catches on and what is left relatively alone. Certainly, those authors who were already established on other platforms or had been publishing for several years have the advantage of name recognition. Many brought their readers over to Kindle Vella with them from their other endeavors. But there are some authors, new to publishing on any platform, who are drawing in readers in droves and paying their bills with their craft. (Something I aspire to.)

What sets those authors who are killing it apart from those who are not are a combination of things; chosen genre—and it appears the paranormal sells along with spicy romance, length of episodes—smaller word and token counts appear to be key to keeping the unlocks coming, promotion—some authors put out several ads a day, skill at their craft, and a good dose of luck.

I, too, have been told I am a good writer, and I’ve generated consistent reads for my “An Operator’s Daughter” series since it debuted a year ago in July. I am grateful to those who have unlocked episodes and come to know my characters—from an amazing fan who has posted reviews that touched my heart, to my immediate family, and especially to my fellow Kindle Vella authors for their support.

During the week of October 5th through 11th, 2022, Kindle Vella will allow readers with an Amazon Prime account or those who have made purchases of $50 or more to read from the Kindle Vella platform for free—up to 100 episodes each day! I would be honored if you would spend your time unlocking episodes of my series. The links are below.

Thank you for your support!

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Spooktacular Reads

The Kindle Vella serial fiction site offers authors an opportunity to publish their stories an episode at a time. It is also an incredibly supportive community of writers and in this post, I want to share three of the Vellas that fit the season best.

Young Adult Category

Kim Riehle’s The Sliders Series

Sabrina, Josh, Emma, and Zack… The accident changed everything. Their world was being torn between two realities with no way to control sliding away from life at home. How could they decide who should live and who would be abandoned to death? The bonds of friendship may not be enough to keep everyone alive.

Imagine entry into a parallel world you didn’t know existed and you cannot control when you’ll be in one realm over another? After an accident, high school friends find themselves caught between their usual present school situation and survival in a feudalistic society. Riehle’s characters draw in to their upended lives and you find yourself sliding into their universe willingly; but will you, and then, immerge unscathed.

If you loved “The Office” or “Office Space” this one is for you!

Hunter Chadwick’s DDD Inc.

Welcome to the Agency! What do they do? That’s the wrong question. What don’t they do? They make sure everything is the way it is supposed to be. Kerry Chase had no idea what he was getting into when he signs a binding NDA and contract with The Agency. Now, is there any way out?

Have you ever wondered just who is monitoring your clicks on a keyboard, tracking your web browsing, or monitoring your online shopping habits? It is all happening, whether you want to consider it or not. DDD Inc. will have you wondering about the lives of those tasked with keeping track of you in this conspiracy thriller.

The town you don’t want to run out of gas in!

Kell Frillman’s Beechwood

A prison disguised as an isolated town hides away the victims of neurological enhancements. The residents have the ability to control and influence the environment around them, but someone far more nefarious than them is in control and he has dark plans for the future. As a sacrificial murder causes the layers of perplexity to unfold, secrets beyond what goes on in The Tower begin to reveal themselves. In Beechwood, everyone has something to hide, and everyone is a suspect.

As a little girl, I remember driving through Southern Utah with my parents and their dark humor related to the downwinders of the nuclear test sites (really nothing to joke about; do they really glow in the dark?) When I began keeping up with Beechwood, these towns immediately came to mind, but Frillman’s take on a place inhabited by those who are the experimenters and experimented upon takes it to a whole new level of psychological thriller. I find myself rooting for those are out to solve the mysterious death that begins the series, and the mysterious sixes, but fear those running the show just may triumph in the end.

Fear: that paralyzing feeling that keeps one from taking a step forward

The other day, an acquaintance stopped me while I was making a dash to my car to tell me they had been reading my series on Kindle Vella. I thanked her for her support, then allowed her, and myself, to get on our ways home.

I really wanted to say, “Thank you, but I haven’t seen any reads of my episodes for today, or this week.” I can check the tallies of my reads from my cellphone, and actually, do so often.

I wanted to ask, “Who is your favorite character?” or “What has been your favorite plot twist?”

Fear kept me from saying anything of the sort.

Yes, I’m grateful for the support, but please, don’t tell me you are reading when you are not.

As my character, Ashton Grace McAllister Maguire has grown up, she’s become better at advocating for herself. She won’t be victim again, although I do put her into some circumstances where she has to use her smarts and skills to find her way through them. I wish I could follow her lead.

Fear, that feeling that paralyzes us, keeping us from moving forward, keeping us from advocating for ourselves; yes, on this front, I am still a work in progress.

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Kindle Vella titles to enjoy this summer weekend!

One of my favorites from this collection of Kindle Vella reads is “Parallel Worlds” by Rachel Roy. It is a great back-to-school read blending classroom reality with the fantasy world.

My first three Vellas of “An Operator’s Daughter” series are also part of this promo.

The first three episodes on Kindle Vella are always free, and if you are reader new to the platform with an Amazon account, you can claim 200 free tokens to keep reading.

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