Serial Fiction

An Operator’s Daughter

Focused on her future, 17-year-old Ashton McAllister is one of the good kids, pushing herself to earn high grades and preparing for AP Exams while attending an exclusive Washington D.C. all-girls school. What Ashton desires most is a caring relationship with her father, a retired Navy SEAL struggling with the loss of his love-at-first-sight soulmate and his sense of self-purse.

When her well-ordered life is upended by her grandfather’s death, and her father’s refuses to provide a home for her in the D.C. area, she must go to live with strangers in the other Washington, where she struggles to fit into a dysfunctional surrogate family and a chaotic public high school.

Inspired by her deceased mother’s journals, Ashton finds strength to take on the high school bullies, live her own love-at-first-sight story, and to create her own happiness, but will she achieve what she desires most—a strong relationship with her father?

A Summer’s Tempest – An Operator’s Daughter part II

A sense of control; what every woman craves stepping into the adult world. At 17, Ashton navigates a summer of relationship storms; growing a lasting love with her Navy SEAL, learning which friendships to trust, and pushing her retired Operator father to own up to his responsibilities. From highs of taking love to the next level, developing her talents, and taking on new responsibilities, to lows of having to protect herself from harm, Ashton finds that true control, like happiness, is elusive.

Ashton Grace – An Operator’s Daughter part III

When life takes a turn, you can stop or follow to see where it leads. New opportunities and strange coincidences await Ashton as she finds her professional and academic footing, fights her uncle over her inheritance, and is drawn deeper into the world of her Navy SEAL. Ashton navigates the months before turning 18 with triumph and tears while rebuilding the relationship with her retired Operator father, making sense of her mother’s sacrifice, and loving her Operator with intensity and passion.


Season 1: Horrors of SinteTek Anthology

By Vellains Florilegium

Episode 2: Fear (Psychological Horror)

Episode 9: The Portal (Coming of Age Horror)

Coming Soon – A collection of short stories based upon the theme of life after death.

Season 2: Life After Death
by Vellains Florilegium

Episode 8: The Choice

Episode 10: Eternal Patrol