It’s LIVE!

It is no secret I write for my own therapy. Dealing with those experiences that caused me to grow personally, professionally, spiritually, are easier when I do so through the eyes of characters I’ve created.

“Miss Blue Skies” is a mystery, and my new serial fiction story on Kindle Vella. It draws from my years of coaching community princess candidates. (Yes, you read that right; as a social studies teacher, the cliché is true, social studies teachers coach, and I coached princess candidates.)

This mystery is set in the Snake River Valley, in the shadow of the Tetons. It is a breath-takingly beautiful place, and if the winters weren’t so harsh, it might be the place my husband and I retire to, when that day arrives for us. The people who reside there are amazing friendly, so please remember, this story is a work of fiction, and the characters are not based upon those we’ve met during our travels.

This serial also marks my first attempt at putting together the cover art. Using Adobe Express, when I’m used to the functionality of photoshop, was a challenge. Please read–buy tokens and read, so I can afford to purchase the real tool for future projects.

Please enjoy this departure from Maguire/McAllister family; and Ashton’s story will continue while I balance it with my day job as a military education counselor.

Miss Blue Skies exclusively on Kindle Vella!

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